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Course Overview

Cabramatta Golf Club offers you one of the best courses in Southwest Sydney having been featured on Fox Sports. Numerous golfing events are played here including the Cabramatta Cup, Major Pennants, corporate golf days and events. Competition rounds are played on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Hole 1Mens Par 4 375mLadies Par 4 349m

Avoid the road on the right, but also be mindful of the bunkers to your left.
Uphill all the way, you’ll need a long iron to get home. 
A tough hole to begin with.​

Hole 2Mens Par 4 353mLadies Par 4 303m

A dog leg right par 4.
Although the hole is not long, position off the tee is paramount.

Hole 3Mens Par 4 435mLadies Par 5 407m

Par 4’s don’t come any longer than this hole.
A long dog leg left which is nearly impossible to reach in two against a prevailing wind.
The right hand side is preferable off the tee as it gives you a clear shot at the green for your second shot. Aim your second shot at the right hand side of the green as the land slopes back

Hole 4Mens Par 4 427mLadies Par 5 413m

A straight fairway, but the small green is guarded by bunkers on either side.
Plan your assault carefully.
An extremely testing par 4. A long and accurate tee shot is required to have any chance of making the green in two. Laying up short of the green for your second shot maybe the best option.

Hole 5Mens Par 3 145mLadies Par 3 143m

Now that you’ve caught your breath after playing the first four testing holes.
You can relax a little with a short par three. Aim for the centre of the green. Missing the green to the right hand side is the safer option, as the creek bends around the left hand side of the green.

Hole 6Mens Par 5 498mLadies Par 5 475m

A testing par 5. Don’t hook off the tee. Placement of the second shot is most important as a large Gum Tree hugs the right hand side fairway 100 metres from the green. Aim centre or right centre of the fairway off the tee to give you a clearer second shot. Your second shot should be placed left of the fairway to avoid the large Gum Tree

Hole 7Mens Par 3 154mLadies Par 3 119m

A very difficult par 3 off the back plates. Walk away with a par and be happy! You are better off being short of the putting surface than being in one of the greenside pot bunkers.

Hole 8Mens Par 4 318mLadies Par 4 301m

A very short uphill par 4.
However the fairway is very narrow and difficult to hit. A long Iron off the tee, could be the way to go. Take your choice laying up with a long iron, leaving yourself with a mid iron second, or risk the driver to a very narrow fairway leaving a short iron second shot.

Hole 9Mens Par 4 348mLadies Par 4 338m

A good drive down the rolling hills sets up a possible birdie (3)…. If you are good enough. Avoid the right hand side of the fairway as the ball can run into the Melaleuca Trees hugging the edge of the fairway.

Hole 10Mens Par 4 387mLadies Par 4 343m

Best approach to the green is from a tee shot placed to the left side of the fairway. Avoid the fairway bunkers and far left side trees and out of bounds (roadside).

Hole 11Mens Par 5 479mLadies Par 5 368m

Stick to the fairway preferably left side and play percentage golf. Almost no rewards for taking risks.

Hole 12Mens Par 3 180mLadies Par 3 153m

Don’t hook it! You can bail out on the right hand side of the green.

Hole 13Mens Par 5 450mLadies Par 5 442m

A drive down the right hand side of the fairway is preferable, opening up a good opportunity to get home in two. Avoid the lake to the right hand side of green and the two pot bunkers that guard the left side of this big undulating green.

Hole 14Mens Par 3 146mLadies Par 3 103m

Though a very short par 3, this hole can be very deceptive with trouble surrounding the front and sides of the green. Be long, if anything.

Hole 15Mens Par 4 311mLadies Par 4 284m

A short par 4, however your drive must be directed to the left hand side of the fairway. This gives you a clear second shot and avoids the huge Gum Tree in the centre of the fairway. Watch for the blind sand trap that hugs the front of the green.

Hole 16Mens Par 3 133mLadies Par 3 117m

Four sand traps surround this very short par 3. Don’t over shoot the green as a par would be most difficult.

Hole 17Mens Par 4 361Ladies Par 4 348m

A gentle draw shot is required off the tee, but at all costs avoid the Melaluca trees on the left of the fairway. A raised green and deep bunkers make for a tough second shot. Hitting over the green to the right could see your ball in the lake.

Hole 18Mens Par 4 377mLadies Par 5 367m

A tough uphill finish. Best to use one club more on your uphill second shot. Blind bunkers surround the right side of the green.