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Happy New Year

Well, it’s New Years Eve, finally.2021 turned out to be the evil twin of 2020, only a lot nastier as far as trade was concerned.
2021 saw 5km radius rules, local LGA rules, Clubhouse closures and even golf course closures.
2021 saw government benefits massively reduced.
That all behind us I can report that December 2021 trading has been outstanding, so I look at that continuing onto the end of our financial year in March.
I can proudly boast of the excellent condition our golf course is in.
I can proudly boast that we have retained all our outstanding staff.
I can proudly boast of Davo’s Trattoria exceeding expectations and that along with the Saturday night entertainment.
All ingredients for a successful 2022.
Have a great night people and I look forward to seeing you all soon up the golfie.
Best wishes
Bill and team.