We have been fortunate to have the course open during the pandemic for exercise, the great news, we are opening the Club House on Monday, 11th October 2021 for that much awaited beer.

The Road Map to opening is challenging and Cabra considers the health and wellbeing of our members of upmost importance, and we will endeavour to keep you all informed of changes that occur.

  • All team members & volunteers have received two doses of the Covid-19 Vaccine.
  • All Customers entering the Club MUST have received two doses of the Vaccine or have a valid CONTRAINDICATION CERTIFICATE.
  • The 4sqm rule will apply in indoor areas with the 2sqm rule applying in outdoor areas.
  • Standing while drinking is only permitted outdoors.
  • You must be sitting while in doors.
  • Masks are mandatory in all indoor areas. We appreciate you bringing your own mask when visiting the club.
  • Masks are mandatory for customer-facing staff in both indoor and outdoor areas.


Our friendly staff will greet you at reception to help you through the new process that will be in place:

  • You will need to Scan the Service NSW QR code with your phone upon entry to the clubhouse and show proof to the Door Staff. If your phone is not able to do this, you will need to wipe your license with our digital log in system (Infosign).
  • The first time you visit the club we ask that all members and visitors register with their license
  • You must provide your Digital or Paper Vaccination Certificate to verify that you have been fully vaccinated or a valid contraindication certificate which is completed by a Doctor
  • Follow any other requirements as per the Public Health Order as requested by our staff.

To prove you are fully vaccinated or medically exempt:

  • Open your Express Plus Medicare Mobile app, click “immunisation history” and then click “View COVID-19 digital certificate”
  • Access our Covid – 19 digital certificate in your Apple Wallet or Google Pay
  • Present a hard copy of your immunisation history statement
  • Present a hard copy of a medical exemption (contraindication certificate) in the approved form completed by a medical practitioner.

At our discretion, we may attempt to verify that your “proof of vaccination” is authentic. We remind you that it is a federal offence to falsify this information


  • Fully vaccinated persons may play in groups of four and may share a cart
  • Those not fully vaccinated may play in groups of two and are NOT PERMITTED to share a cart
  • Players not fully vaccinated MUST LEAVE THE PREMISES on completion of game
  • COVID Safe local rules should continue to be adopted

Golf NSW advises clubs to ensure competitions are conducted only under the club’s COVID-safe plan

Fully vaccinated may leave Greater Sydney for Regional NSW (and vice-versa) but may not holiday (Clause 6.6)

Those not fully vaccinated must remain within your own Local Government Area (LGA) OR if you are travelling outside your LGA it must be within 5km of where you live