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Covid Update

Tuesday, 21st September 2021 – Members Update

Please stay posted as things change daily and we try to keep our members updated.

  1. Is Cabramatta Golf Club (Fairfield LGA) now no longer classed as an area of concern?

    Reply: No, but the restrictions have changed

  2. Now that we can meet in a group of 5 for picnics etc, can 5 fully vaxed golf players stand or sit outside after a game of golf and have a beer from takeaway purchase?

    Reply: No, they cant remain at the golf club

  3. Can they now play in groups of 4 (fully vaxed) as restrictions have been lifted?

    Reply: Yes they can as long as all four players are fully vaccinated. Players who have only received a single vaccination and not vaccinated can only play in a group of 2. Please note: Proof of double dose vaccination for any player booked in a fourball group.

  4. Can we now play a fourball competition?

    Reply: You can as long as you book in as a group of 4

  5. Can players now have 2 in a cart including members from the same househould?

    Reply: NO. Exception to the rule is that the two players are residing in the same household.

You can travel anywhere in your LGA, if going into another LGA you must stay within 5km from your home. The only other additional rule in place relates to the need to wear a mask in the Proshop and around the ClubHouse.

Members caught breaching the current guidelines of play may face severe disciplinary action from the Board, and will be asked to leave the course immediately.

Social players breaching the current guidelines of play will be asked to leave the course immediately, with no refund offered

To assist the Proshop in confirming your double vaccine you can come into the office and show proof which will be recorded and save time

Thanking you for your patience and understanding during these difficult times